IHM 2002
14th French-Speaking Conference
on Human-Computer Interaction

ENSMA (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Mécanique et d'Aéronautique)


Faculté des Sciences, Poitiers, France
November 26 to 29, 2002     
English Presentation               


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Organized yearly by AFIHM, the Francophone HCI society, IHM is the French speaking scientific conference on human-computer interaction. It is a meeting place of choice for researchers and professionals in this domain. Multi-disciplinary, it joins all actors involved in the design, the construction and the evaluation of present and future interactive computing systems.

- The latest research results and current industrial solutions will be presented at the conference, in a spirit of knowledge-sharing, exchange, and aiming at introducing the latest solutions in interactive software systems. Research and applied papers, demonstrations, tutorials, a doctoral consortium, panels and invited talks will be proposed to the attendees, as well as an exhibition space. 

- IHM 2002 is about the various applications (from office automation to specialized systems), hardware (from ubiquitous computing to virtual worlds, still acknowledging the importance of the classical workstation and the world wide web) and users (specialists, laypeople) of interactive computing systems, as well as the various methods and approaches concurring to the definition of HCI (computer science, human factors and ergonomics...).

We apologize to our English-speaking friends that the rest of this website is entirely in French, as our audience really targets only French-speaking researchers and professionals. Yet, all published material will include an English abstract to let you get a glimpse of what is happening in French-speaking countries in HCI.